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Sabine Varming Cheyne
Landlystvej 106
6715 Esbjerg N, Denmark
tel +45 5058 8855
email wildandwicked@live.dk 

We share our lives, sofas and bed with our whippets. They are all truely loved family members and their gentle and intelligent minds are the reason of my passion.
The goal is to breed healty, versatile companions while adhering to the breed standard, combined with excellent sound movement and wonderful temperaments. My primary aim is to try and maintain this wonderful breed and to strive to produce quality with beauty in mind.
We live in a house in the north of Esbjerg City, Denmark. Close to the woods, beach and dunes.
I fell in love the first time I saw this gracious, elegant and athletic breed back in 2000 at a dog show. I went back home and searched the internet and read everything I could get my hands on about the breed. It took a bit more than two years before I had Irish Spring and not for a single moment have I had doubt in my mind that it wasn't the right choice for me and I have been in love ever since.
The whippet is such a beautiful, easy, fun and yet undiscovered dog that to me the whippet is the best kept secret of the pure breed dogs world.
The Wild and Wicked prefix was registered by the FCI in January 2009
I have attended and completed the following training;
- 2017 Dansk kennel klub Ringtræner instruktør uddannelse
- 2017 Dansk Kennel Klub Adfærd og Håndterings kursus
- 2017 Handler kursus Josefine Sandby
- 2016 Bestyrelses medlem i Dansk Kennel Klub Kreds 4
- 2015 Danish Kennel Club Ringpersonale uddannelse

- 2015 MindDog, SMART course

- 2011 Handlerkursus ved Gerard OShea

- 2010 Dansk Kennel Club Breeder Education
-Intensivt handlerkursus ved Emily Kerridge, professionel handler fra USA.
-Kend din hund kursus ved adfærdstræner Pia Grissel, "De fire hundepoter"
- Handlerkursus i Kreds 4, ved Tenna Dahl



Sabine Varming Cheyne | CVR: 38004344  | wildandwicked@live.dk