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Purchasing a Wild and Wicked Puppy


Purchasing a Wild and Wicked Puppy;
Puppies from carefully planned litters available to approved loving homes for show, performance and family companions.
If you are interested in a dual-functional Show/LC dog, who is within the breed standard in every way or a new best friend please do not hesitate to get in contact.
As a potential buyer please introduce yourself
 (name, surname, land of standing, city) 
please write about:
- your lifstyle
- your home
- your closest family (children? what age?)
- animals at home
and answer for few questions:
- why have you set your heart on a whippet?
- do you have any experience with dogs? sighthounds?
- If you work (how many hours per day?)
- How many hours on the average will the dog spend alone per day?
- What would you be able to offer a Wild and Wicked puppy?
A Wild and Wicked puppy is evaluated at the age between 6-8 weeks for temperament and structure; this helps us place the right puppy in the right home.
Doing so means that you will get the right puppy, with the right temperament and activity level suitable for you and your family
The first 3 weeks of the puppies lives, the basket is placed in our bedroom to make sure that they will get the best possible start in life.
When the puppies turns 3 weeks old, they will move to the living area to make the most of the house and enviroment training eg dishwasher, hoover, washing machine, TV and music.
The puppies will be ready to leave the nest at the age of 8-10 weeks, and will have been exposed to other dogs, people in all ages and children. Runing free in the garden. Each puppy will be well handled and socialized, and will have the following packed in their suitcases:
Danish Kennel Club reg. Pedigree
ID Chipped
Vaccines + Health check
4 times devormed (3-5-7-9 weeks)
Collar and Leash
Winther Jacket
CD - sound of lifes, happy puppy life
11 kg Royal Canin Puppy food
1 yrs membership and subscribtion of the magazine at the Danish Sighthound Club
1 x Baby or Puppy classes show
1 x LC test run
Life long help and advise
It is very important to me to ensure that every puppy get the perfect match in every possible way for a 4ever loving home. 
Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you would be interested in a top quality show dog or a new best friend
Sabine Varming Cheyne | CVR: 38004344  |